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*** FLASH! ***  After a long break with no puppies at Dagobah, Brody and Bailey had a beautiful litter of puppies on February 26, 2013.  Two of the puppies went to loving pet homes and one puppy is staying at Dagobah.

Bailey's puppies at 8 weeks old - an armful of cuteness!Bailey's Puppies At 8 Weeks Old


Buffy is ready to approve guests at her home in Red Lake, ON


KC is in a loving pet home right here in Thunder Bay


Destiny has stayed at Dagobah, to carry on our lines - Dagobah's Final Destination



*** FLASH!  Kylie is a new mommy!  Her lone puppy, a beautiful baby girl, was born on May 29, 2009.  Mom and pup are doing well.  Thank you to Betty McAllister for the photo collage of Bailey (Dagobah's Eyerish Cream) below - click on the photo to see the pedigree. ***


The photo effects of Miss Bailey at 12 days old was done by my friend Donna, in NB!

Bailey dreaming, below

Bailey at 6 weeks old, after her first haircut - collage by Donna in NB!

Bailey stacked, at 8 weeks old, looking like the show dog she's destined to be!

*** FLASH!  On September 5th, Bailey wins Runner Up Best In Match!  We couldn't be prouder! ***

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Kassidy is VERY proud to announce the birth of her third litter on July 13, 2008. The sire is Am Ch Sherwood's He Is Who He Is, bred and owned by Bryon & Marie Santos. Mom and her 6 puppies (5 girls and 1 boy) are doing very well! This litter was bred by Anne & Chris Harri, Kassidy's co-breeders and co-owners.

Updated pictures of Kassidy's babies at 8 weeks old below . . .

Black girl

Black & Tan Girl

Tiny Black & Tan Girl

Black & Tan Boy

Below are updated pictures of the babies, taken in early November 2008.  Out of a litter of 6, 5 of the puppies will be shown.

Fiona and Cinderella.  Fiona will be owned and shown by Chris Harri, and Cinderella has gone to Val Mackie of Sjoblom Cockers in British Columbia, Canada.  She will be shown in Canada and the US.

Peanut, who will be staying with co-breeder Anne, and Fiona, who is going to the other co-breeder, Chris.

***FLASH!***  Peanut wins Best Bred By Exhibitor in the Black Variety at the ASC Summer show in Pomona, CA, handled by Chris!  See below for updated pictures of this lovely lady! ***

*** FLASH ***  Peanut finishes her American Championship under judge Anne Savory Bolus on March 28, 2010. She is now Ch. Chrisan's Princess Sleeping Beauty.

Lunchtime for some HUNGRY puppies!  (Taken September 12, 2008)

Dozer (from Kassidy's second litter, bred here at Dagobah) and Lola . . . half brother and sister, both owned by the same wonderful family!

Lola, the only pup from the litter that won't be shown.

Not pictured are Snickers (in a great home on Arizona, but able to be shown) and Princess, who is living in Mexicali, and will be shown in Mexico and the US.

We are PROUD to announce the arrival of three beautiful babies on Wednesday September 27, 2006.

The little black girl Annie - now spoiled by her new family in Thunder Bay

(photo taken June 2007)


The buff boy - affectionately called Dozer, living in California!

(photo taken June 2007)


The picture above was taken when Kylie was 5 months old

Below are pictures of Kylie taken in mid-June 2007.  Thank you Trudy for taking such great pictures of my girl!

The picture below was taken while the puppies were visiting my friend Trudy and her puppy.  Everybody played like mad, and then collapsed for some cute pictures!

*** Pictures below of mom and babies at 16 days old! ***

All of the puppies have been placed in loving family homes



Mom and babies are doing well - there is one buff girl, one buff boy and one black girl.  Parents and pedigree are available below.


Expecting mom is Am/Can CH Shaankata Chrisan Dreamcatcher CGC (black) and the father is Am CH Kenwood's Livin La Vida Loca (buff)

Click on the picture above for the pedigree

Our girl Kassidy with her first baby, a beautiful buff boy who hit 16 oz at only 3 days old!  Sire is BIS BISS Am Ch Budken Comac Royal Sensation (Kurt)

Another picture of Kassidy's son, below - this time just after he moved to Arizona.  Looks like he is happy about the move!

K.C.'s Great Grandpups (Shelby's puppies, sired by Ch Namees Bleuprint)

Two black/tan girls, two black boys and two buff boys

Breeder is Trudy of Shaankata Cockers

  Chelsey and K.C., showing off their puppy love below

(thank you Debbie Dorsey for the picture effects!)



Chelsey, (Clinton Oak's Chelsey Dagobah CD) at 4 1/2 months old.

Clinton Oaks Chelsey Dagobah CD admiring her beautiful reflection!

(thank you Joyce McIntyre for the picture effects!)

Chelsey doing what she does best - napping!


KC's kids, Jessie, Rider, Tara and Bailey by Ch. Kataxin Shaankata Tequila Mite CD CGC TT owned by Trudy Haukeness-Fecho of Shaankata Kennels in Dryden, ON

babykc_hailey.jpg (43642 bytes)


chevykids.jpg (35838 bytes)

Chevy's babies, one black and tan and 2 black boys


The female below is Gigi (Bayoubabes Butterfly Angel).  She is Chevy's daughter - Chevy is Korby's son, who in turn is Hailey's son.  So that makes Gigi my great-great-granddog!

Below is a candid shot of Gigi - and in this picture she reminds me so much of my Hailey!


Chevy's babies, born Sept 29, 2002

Another litter of Chevy puppies, born September 29, 2002. The dam is Ch Georgia's Perfect Opal. There were 3 girls and 1 boy in this litter.

Chevy and his kids, below . . . now the pups are a little older!

Chevy's kids, looking beautiful

More of Tara's kids, at 3 weeks old (Jan 2003) - K.C.'s Grandpups

Tara had two black girls in this litter, sired by Am Can Ch LaJenn Chrisan Wish On A Star CD, CGC

terapupsweb.jpg (4930 bytes)

Shaankata Chrisan Dreamcatcher

Kassidy is Tara's daughter, which makes her K.C.'s granddaughter and Kyrie's great-granddaughter. 

Kassidy at 4 months!

Kassidy, having a ball!


Hailey's puppies, George, Harley, Korby & Kelsey


Korby's puppies, dam is Ch. Keanu's Cheyenne Princess owned by Shawne Bridges,Keanu Kennels of Winnipeg Manitoba.. Chevy, Chaos, Carley, Joey & Charlie

And a painting of Chevy from the picture of Chaos & Chevy by Barbara Butler


kyriekids.jpg (28773 bytes)

Kyrie & her first and second litters....Kristie, Annie & Hailey above &

Brittany, Jagr, Blaze & KC below

thekidsweb.jpg (33318 bytes)

Our favourite kind of puppies!  Amazing that three kids and 5 dogs can fit into a 3'x3' space, isn't it?

The kids from right to left are Shelley Dunn, Jenny Makinen & Kim Dunn.

The dogs are Hailey, K.C. & Chelsey in front, Kyrie & Kassidy in the back.