K.C. Achieved his FD & FDX in one Mini-Tournament when he was just a year old.



K.C. wowed us all and achieved his Onyx title at the tender age of 8 years old! We had a blast at the tournament in Winnipeg, and K.C. was amazing!

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Korby (Middle) & Harley (Right) both have their FDCH titles



This is Kyrie and Toby.  Kyrie achieved her TT title and her CGC title and her FD and FDX title (both in one weekend).

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Toby was not registered and not a conformation dog but he was smart, trained to the Utility level of obedience and he had his FD title and his TT title. 

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Kristie achieved her TT title.

Harley achieved his TT and CGC titles


Hailey achieved her TT and CGC title.

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K.C. achieved his TT and his CGC titles