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*** FLASH***  K.C. earns his Rally Advanced (RA) Title at the tender age of 12, in just one weekend!  Shortly thereafter K.C. earned his CGN title easily.

*** FLASH***  K.C. passed his Therapy Dog International Test in June 2008!

Ch Dagobah Kataxin Kaptan Cosmos CDX, RA, Onyx, CGC, CGN, TT, TDI

Pictured below are Chelsey and K.C., shortly after earning their RN and RA and CGN titles, respectively.

Pictured below are Chelsey and K.C., shortly after earning two R.A. and R.E. legs, respectively in late July 2008. Both of these dogs have done extremely well, with scores in the 190's. Watch for them to earn their latest titles soon!

Pictured below are Chelsey and K.C. with judge Jan Leach on September 20, 2008, after earning their R.A. and R.E. titles respectively.  K.C. earned a Fourth In Class placing, and Chelsey was 5th in her class, just out of the ribbons.  Both of these dogs earned their titles in just three trials, with scores in the 90's!

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Click on Chelsey for her pedigree!

*** FLASH! ***  Chelsey earns her Rally Novice (RN) Title in just one weekend!  What a good girl she is!  Not too long afterward, Chelsey also earned her CGN title.  What a good girl!

Chelsey passed her Therapy Dog International Test in June 2008!  What a girl!

Clinton Oaks Chelsey Dagobah CD, RN, TDI, CGN

Sadly, Chelsey crossed the Rainbow Bridge in October 2009.  Her body could no longer fight the ongoing infections.  She died as she lived, with quiet dignity.  I will always love you, Chelsey-May-Booger-Brat.  Sleep well.

Please see Chelsey's memorial tribute here


***FLASH!***  Kylie follows in the footsteps of her ancestors and earns her CD title in just three trials, with her best score being a 196 out of 200!  She earned the distinction of being High Scoring Cocker for the weekend of Sept 19-21, 2008.  She earned a High In Class award as well as a Second In Class award over the weekend.***

Dagobah's Autumn Morning Magic CD, RN, CGN, TDI

***FLASH!***  Kylie qualified for her RN (Rally Novice) title with scores of 90, 100 and 99 (out of 100) under judges Steve Hazelwood and Diana Mackenzie. We look forward to trying out Rally Advanced in 2010! ***

***FLASH!***  I had Kylie entered in 4 Rally trials this weekend and she was awesome. She qualified for her RA (Rally Advanced) title with scores of 92, 94 and 95 out of 100 and won a First in her Class that included a prize for the Highest Score of all the dogs at her level.

I moved her up to the Excellent level for the final trial. She had trouble with the moving stand .. she just didn't understand so I had to do it over again so she lost marks for that but still walked away with a 95 out of 100 and her first RE leg. ***

Kylie continues to make me proud.  Not only did she finish her conformation title, but she finished her Rally Excellent (RE) title with ease, and is already halfway to her Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title, which requires a passing score in both Advanced and Excellent at the same trial.  She is the #1 Rally Cocker in Canada as of July 1, 2011, and the #16 Rally dog in Canada.

Kylie's new RE title

Kylie makes history by becoming the first American Cocker in Canada to earn her Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title!  She did by qualifying in 10 sets of trials in both Excellent and Advanced, with class placements along the way.  I couldn't be prouder of my girl!

As of October 31, 2011 Kylie is the #10 Rally dog All-Breeds in Canada!

Kylie - the first American Cocker RAE in Canada!

Our newest performance competitor is Bailey (Dagobah's Eyerish Cream CD, RN, CGN), Kylie's daughter.  She has not disappointed us!

At her second show, in Manitoba in April 2011, Bailey earned her second leg towards her CD title with a 1st In Class under Gail Carroll.  One more leg to go and she will have her CD!

Bailey winning a 1st In Class in Novice obedience

Bailey finished her CD in style at the Fort Garry Kennel Club show at the end of May 2011.  She earned a score of 195 to go High In Trial under judge Susan Des Cotes.  I think the picture says it all!

Bailey winning HIT to finish her CD title

Not one to rest on her laurels, Bailey earned her Rally Novice title in June 2011 with two perfect scores and 1st in Class wins.  I have high hopes for this young lady!

Bailey's new RN title

Bailey's new RA

Bailey earned her Rally Advanced title in short order with a perfect 100 score along the way!

She then moved on to earn her RE in one weekend with class placements along the way.  She's following her mother's footsteps!

Bailey's new RE!

Following in her mother's pawprints, Bailey earns her RAE in ten straight trials, with class placements along the way.

Pictured below with judge Ms. Jan Leach, Bailey become the second Cocker in Canada to earn an RAE2.  Bailey is always breeder/owner handled and trained.

Bailey earning her RAE2 under judge Jan Leach

Bailey earns her RAE


Brody earns his second leg towards his CD title in April 2012 at the Assiniboine Kennel Club show in Manitoba, under judge Ms. Gail Carroll.  One more leg and he'll have that CD title!

Brody earning his second CD leg!

Brody earned his Rally Novice title with a 99 out of 100!

Brody acheived his RN (Rally Novice) title at the Fort Garry Shows in Winnipeg
with a score of 99 out of 100 under judge Michel Calhoun

Brody had a fantastic weekend at the Thunder Bay Kennel & Training Club shows in September 2012.  He earned his CD with a High In Class and High Scoring Cocker Spaniel in Trial. 

Brody earning his CD

Brody also earned his Rally Advanced title the same weekend, and his first Rally Excellent leg.  Way to go Brody-boy!

Brody earning his RA

Brody earning his new RE!

Brody finishes his Rally Excellent (RE) leg in style in mid-November, earning a score of 99 and the distinction of being High Scoring Sporting Dog in trial.  Thank you to judge Diana Crago!

Pictured below with judge Ms. Jan Leach, Brody earned his RAE in style with a perfect score of 100 and High In Class.  Brody is currently the #1 Rally Cocker in Canada (Sept 2013), making it three years in a row that a Dagobah Cocker has been #1 Rally Cocker in Canada!

Brody earning his RAE under judge Jan Leach


Ch Ania's Jersey Boy At Dagobah CD, RN, RA, RE

In the tradition of Dagobah cockers ahead of him, Jersey has kicked off his performance career with a bang.  Jersey obtained his RN (Rally Novice) title under judge Karen Brearley at the Kenora Show and Trials in June 2013.

Jersey obtained his first two CD legs in March 2013 under judge Delvyn Lunn and judge Edward W Leslie.  Both legs were obtained with High in Trial wins. He is pictured with judge Karen Brearley in June 2013 when he achieved his CD (Companion Dog) title at the Kenora Show and Trials.

Jersey earning his CD under Karen Brearley

Jersey earning his RN under Karen Brearley

Jersey finished his Rally Advanced (RA) and Rally Excellent (RE) in style, with straight passes and high marks.  In very limited showing, Jersey ended 2013 as the #3 Cocker Spaniel in Canada for Rally Obedience.  In 2014 Jersey will work towards his RAE title.

Jersey earning his RE under judge Diana Crago

Jersey earning his RAE under judge Diana Crago

Jersey earned his RAE title easily, with scores in the high 90's the entire way through.  He earned the last leg for his RAE with scores of 99 and 100 under judge Diana Crago.  He is the fourth Dagobah Cocker to earn an RAE title.


Our up and coming performance star is our very own homebred girl Destiny - Ch Dagobah's Final Destination CD.  With a score of 191 out of 200 Destiny obtained her CD (Companion Dog) title at the Kenora shows under judge Mary Higdem.

Destiny earning her CD title under judge Mary Higdem

Destiny earned her Rally Novice (RN) title under judge Del Lunn with a perfect score of 100.  She has also earned one leg towards her Rally Advanced (RA) title.

Destiny earns her RN under judge Del Lunn

Destiny earned her Rally Advancced (RA) title under judge Diana Crago with two scores of 97.  She has also earned one leg towards her Rally Excellent (RE) title.

Destiny earns her RA title under judge Diana Crago


Destiny earns her RAE under judge Jim Ham

Destiny qualified all 6 trials at both the Advanced and Excellent levels of Rally Obedience in Kenora (with three High In Class) to obtain her RAE title under judge Jim Ham with a perfect 100 score.

Our beautiful ad in the ACN Review magazine, designed by Wendy Reyn.  2014 was a great year for Dagobah Cockers in rally and obedience.  We can't wait to see what 2015 holds!

ACN Review January 2015 issue