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Nov. 1991 - April 2005

You will be forever in my heart Kyrie

Kyrie achieved her Champion title at 10 months of age with two Best of Winners, five Best of Opposite Sex, six Best Puppy in Breed and two Best Puppy in Group wins.

As an adult, Kyrie won Best Brood Bitch at three different Specialty shows as well as Best Brace with her daughter, Hailey, and she won the one and only Award of Merit given at the American Cocker Spaniel Club of Manitoba Specialty in 1999, at almost eight years of age.

Kyrie is the mother of Ch. Dagobah's Haileys Comet CD, TT, CGC and Ch. & FMCH. Dagobah Kataxin Kaptan Cosmos CD, CGC, TT and Dagobah's Crystal Morning CD, TT also featured in this site.

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Judge Dorothy Nickles awards Kyrie with Award of Merit, Best Brood Bitch and Best Brace at the Manitoba Cocker Spaniel Specialty.  Pictured with Kyrie is her son, K.C. and daughter, Hailey.


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Please see Hailey's memorial tribute here


June 22, 1994 - March 1, 2008

Let the sun shine bright today at the Bridge,
And the angels sweetly sing;
Let the water run sweet and the breeze be warm,
As the Bridge flock takes brilliant wing.
For a soul is arriving this morning.
She's special; that's all I can say ...
Please love her the way we loved her on earth --
Our angel crossed over today.
poem copyright 2000 by Dee G

Hailey achieved her Champion title at 11 months of age with three Best of Winners, two Best of Opposite Sex, ten Best Puppy in Breed, one Best Puppy in Group and two Best of Breed wins.

Hailey is the mother of Ch. & FdCh. Dagobah's Force is With Korby CD, CGC and FdCh Dagobahs Happy Harley Davidson CDX, TT, CGC and Dagobah Kelsey is an Angel Too CD also featured in this site.

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Hailey is pictured here at seven years of age, at the Manitoba Cocker Specialty (2001), where she won Best Veteran in Specialty.

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Hailey and K.C. pictured in December 2005


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Nov. 22, 1995 April 24, 2012

K.C. crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at 16 years of age.  He was busy from day one, so he did a lot to keep busy.  From Flyball to Rally to Obedience, K.C. tried it all.  Although his impatient whining drove us all crazy, the silence now is deafening.

Rest in peace my KCman monster child. Life will never be the same without you and there will never be another quite like you.

K.C. achieved his Champion title at 11 months of age.   The few times he was out as a Special, he won a 1st in Group and multiple Group placings, including a 4th in Group at the Fort Gary Classic with 21 Sporting Dogs in the Group.

K.C. is the father of Ch. Shaankata's Aces and Eights and Ch. Shaankata's Tequila Terror CGC  also featured in this site.


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Korby won Best of Winners and Best of Breed over four Specials from his Sr. Puppy Class and Best Puppy in Group to achieve his Champion title at 11 months of age.

Korby is the father of Ch. Keanu's Ragtop Chevy also featured in this site.

Kassidy winning BOW

 Kassidy's beautiful head

Am Can Ch Shankaata Chrisan Dreamcatcher CGC

Kassidy is the newest show hopeful at Dagobah, going back to our original lines through her grandpa K.C.   She has gotten off to a great start, winning her first 3 points going BOW under David Markus at the tender age of 6 months, handled by Trudy Haukeness-Fecho!  Way to go guys!

**FLASH** Kassidy takes WB at the Thunder Bay dog show under judge Ric Chashoudian to finish!  She was handled by co-owner Chris Harri to this exciting win!

Kassidy as a new champion!

Chris handled Kassidy to her three point major needed to complete her American Championship under judge Miss Mike McBeth. Chris put the first points and last points on her and the last major. Picture is below . . .

Thank you to Deb Podratz for putting the first major on Kassidy

Several generations of Dagobah champions, enjoying the summer weather!

Thank you Debbie Dorsey for the photo effects!

Ch Dagobah's Autumn Morning Magic CD, RN, RA, RE, CGN, TDI

Kylie is the first homebred puppy that we have shown in several years.  She goes back to my first show dog, Kyrie, and her sire was a top winner in the US and South America.  She won Winners Bitch for 2 points her first time in the ring, under judge Roger Hartinger.

Below is a photo of Kylie winning Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex under judge Michael Gelinas at the Argus Kennel Club shows.

Below is a picture of Kylie taking Best of Winners for 2 points under Judge Alan Pepper in May 2008.

*** Kylie passed her Therapy Dog International Test in June 2008! ***

Below is Kylie winning 1 point for Winners Bitch under judge Gerry Taylor, on June 28, 2008.

Below is Kylie winning 1 point for Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex under judge Tom Alexander, at the end of July 2008. She also earned her first CD leg with a 192 and a High in Class win, as well as being High Scoring Cocker at the trial. This earned Kylie an award for being the High Combined Obedience & Conformation dog for the day!!! Not bad for a young girl! To top it off, she ALSO earned her CGN. What a dream of a day!

Kylie was shown the last weekend in June, breeder/owner handled by me.  She took Winners Bitch for her last two points under judge Mary White.  This completes the requirements for her Canadian championship.  She was breeder/owner handled to every single point.  Her finishing picture is below . . .

Kylie, a new Champion!

Kylie took a bit of time off in 2009 to bring us our newest show prospect . . .

Dagobah's Eyerish Cream CD, RN

Bailey is pictured above at about 4 months of age, winning Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Match.  This little girl is a showing fool, and we can't wait to get her into the ring!

Keep your eyes peeled for news about Bailey's progress in the ring.

Below are Bailey (on my lap) and her mom Kylie winning Best Brace in Show under esteemed judge Marilyn O'Neill (Larmaro) at the Thunder Bay Cocker Spaniel Specialty in April 2010.  We had a lot of fun!

Bailey winning BOW under Don Fitzsimmons

After a long break from the conformation ring Bailey strutted her stuff to Best of Winners under judge Mr. Don Fitzsimmons.  She now has 5 points towards her champion title, owner-handled all the way.


Announcing our newest addition to the Dagobah family . . .


Ch Hay Day's Bit'O Gold at Dagobah RN


Brody was bred by Kenny McMillan, and he joined the Dagobah family in July.  A wonderful, brave, spunky puppy, Brody is fazed by nothing.  He loves everybody and everything he meets.  We can't wait to start showing Brody, and we look forward to incorporating him into our breeding program down the road.

***FLASH!  Brody wins Runner Up Best In Match at his first puppy match!***

Click on the collage of Brody to see his pedigree

Head shots of my handsome boy, taken in December 2010 (below)

Brody, ready for the holidays 2010


Brody earns a Best Puppy In Group under judge Peter Machen at his very first show in April 2011, handled beautifully by Trudy Haukeness-Fecho!  Thanks Trudy for helping my boy look fabulous!  Photo below.

Brody winning Best Puppy In Group!


As a follow up to his awesome premiere weekend, Brody goes Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex under judge Terry Carter for his first point, shown again by Trudy.  The next day he repeats his win for a second point.

Brody winning his first point under judge Terry Carter

At the Kenora Dog Show in June 2011, Brody picked up two more points.  Thank you Trudy for showing my boy so nicely.

Brody, June 2011

Brody looking gorgeous with Trudy

Brody strutted his stuff to Winners Dog and BOS at the Thunder Bay Kennel & Training Club in September 2011.  Our thanks to Trudy for making our boy look fabulous, as always!

After waiting his turn for a long time, Brody finishes his Championship title in style, taking Winners Dog and Best of Winners twice at the Lakehead Kennel Club shows, owner-handled by Donna.  He is shown with judge Ms. Cheryl Paterson.

Thank you to Trudy Haukeness-Fecho for putting the first 6 points on Brody.

Brody finishing his Canadian championship in July 2012


Introducing Jersey!!!!

Ania's Jersey Boy At Dagobah
















Jersey was bred by Anita Bak, and he joined the Dagobah family in October 2011.  We look forward to enjoying his puppy antics.  He has already made himself at home by tormenting the adult dogs and sneaking his first taste of beer.

Click on Jersey's photo to see his pedigree

Jersey winning his first points

At the Assiniboine Kennel Club show in April 2012 Jersey went Winners Dog, Best of Opposite and Best Puppy in Breed two of the three days for his first two points.  He is pictured here with judge Mrs. Elaine Whitney, owner handled by Donna.

Jersey and Jari taking Best of Winners for three points!

Jersey follows up his great first weekend with a Best of Winners for three points under judge Mrs. Lynn Storeshaw.  What makes this even more exciting is that Jersey was handled in the Best of Breed ring by his "dad" Jari.  Congrats Jari and Jersey!  Jersey is now halfway to his Canadian title.

On Sunday, Jersey wins Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Breed over specials and Best Puppy in Breed for another three points.  After two weekends of showing Jersey has 8 points towards his Canadian title.  These wins were under judge Ms. Judi Shurb, and Jersey was owner-handled by Donna.

Jersey winning Best of Breed!

Jersey finishing his Championship going BOB over specials

NEW Champion Ania's Jersey Boy At Dagobah

Jersey achieved his Champion title at the Fort Garry Shows in Winnipeg by
winning Best of Breed over a Special under judge Kathrine Grant.  He finished his title as a Junior puppy, owner-handled by myself or Jari.

Jersey Best Puppy In Group

Jersey wins Best Puppy in Group as a puppy Special, owner-handled!

Meet the latest prospect at our house - Dagobah's Final Destination!

Bred right here in our home, sired by Brody and out of our Bailey.  Click on Destiny to see her pedigree.

We have high hopes for Destiny and are planning to put titles on both ends of her name!



Destiny won Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed under judge Robert Whitney for two points her first weekend in the show ring at just over 6 months of age.  Breeder/owner handled by Donna.

Destiny taking BOW under Mr. Robert Whitney

Destiny winning BOB over Specials

Destiny won Best of Breed from the classes over Specials for three points.  Thank you to judge David Swartwood for this honour!

Destiny is a new champion at 7 months old!

Destiny finishes her Canadian championship at 7 months old, in just two weekends of showing, completely breeder-owner handled.  Thank you to judge Kim Hamel for making this a weekend to remember!

Next stop, the obedience and rally rings!

Am Mex Can Int. Ch Chrisan Shaankata Royal Gold

Click on the photo below for Duncan's pedigree


Duncan is co-bred and co-owned with Anne and Chris Harri and Trudy Haukeness-Fecho.  In just 6 shows he won Best of Variety 5 times, and 3 majors!  Thank you to David Sutliff for your excellent presentation of our boy!

He made the trip to Tijuana, Mexico with Anne and managed to earn his Mexican and FCI International Champion titles, winning two Group IVs en route!  Duncan can now be called Am Mex Int Ch Chrisan Shaankata Royal Gold.  He will soon travel to Canada to be shown by co-breeder and co-owner Trudy.

Duncan earned his Canadian championship in style, earning all of the required points in just one weekend of showing with co-breeder and co-owner Trudy.  He went Best of Winners three times and Best of Breed once to get his Canadian Championship in one weekend! Thanks to cocker breeder/judges Morley Thornton and Vickie Umpleby and also to judges Carol Graham and Richard Meen.   Congrats Trudy, Anne and Chris on Duncan's continued success!

Click HERE to see Duncan's Mexican Champion certificate.